Important information: Fraudulent last issues

AXA Investment Managers is committed to the security of its customers and proactively responds to any such threats. Find out more about anti-fraud here.

If you are concerned about any potential fraud, please contact AXA Investment Managers directly, the appropriate government agency or your nearest police station. You may also email us or forward suspicious emails to

Fraudulent activity and fraudulent use of the AXA / AXA IM names

It has been brought to our attention that a Key Investor Information Document with reference to a fund so-called “AXA McKenzie Global Technology Fund” (“AXA MKGTF”) and supposed to be managed by the company “J. McKenzie” in partnership with the AXA Investment Managers Group (“AXA IM Group”) and AXA Investment Managers UK Limited, has been published on the following website :

Please be advised that “AXA MKGTF” is not an AXA IM Group product nor managed by any AXA IM entity. In addition, neither entity of the AXA IM Group nor any other entity of the AXA Group has entered into any relationship or partnership with the company “J. McKenzie”. Accordingly, please exercise caution before carrying out any investment concerning this fund and/or with this company.  

AXA IM Group is notifying the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and law enforcement of this fraudulent activity. If you are contacted by the company “J. McKenzie” advertising that they manage a fund in partnership with an AXA IM or an AXA Group entity, then you should be aware that this is not a genuine communication.  

We encourage any member of the public and our clients who receive calls or e-mails in relation to this fund or company to report it to the FCA and Action Fraud by using the links below :  

Financial Conduct Authority (
Action Fraud (

Fraudulent use of AXA IM name - August 2016

AXA IM would like to warn the public and our clients of possible fraudulent use of its name or logo by individuals who may have stolen the identities of its top management or staff, or those pretending to act on AXA IM’s behalf. Please exercise caution before carrying out any investment or funds transfer for which you may be solicited.