Tap into the growth potential of Eurozone companies

Companies in the Eurozone offer attractive opportunities. A close look reveals that many of these European companies remain fundamentally stable and have demonstrated their ability to weather tough market conditions and generate strong earnings growth, both in Europe and in growing economies. The investment potential therefore lies in seeking out those companies able to leverage growth investment themes and turn them to their advantage.

Why invest in AXA WF Framlington Eurozone?

  • A core investment strategy seeking consistent performance across market cycles. The Fund is designed for long-term investors seeking exposure to quality and successful companies with high and sustainable margins, high earnings visibility and strong fundamentals.

  • Low tracking error*. While the investment team shows strong conviction in terms of stock selection, self-imposed constraints in sector deviations and single stock exposure have historically resulted in a limited tracking error.

  • A proven investment approach based on in-depth company knowledge. Fundamental stock picking is the key driver of potential performance. The investment team combines extensive company knowledge with a strong valuation discipline to seek strong alpha generation.

  • Strong consistent performance. The Fund is ranked 1st decile over 5 years within its Morningstar peer group and has 5-starsquantitative rating. The Fund is also rated Silver by Morningstar analysts.*

What are the risks associated with investing in the AXA WF Framlington Eurozone?

  • Risk of invested capital loss

  • Market risk

  • Equity risk

  • Investors are advised to refer to the current prospectus for a detailed description of risk considerations

* Source: AXA IM, Morningstar as of 30/09/12. Morningstar Category: Europe OE Eurozone Large-Cap Equity.
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