Our approach and offering

At AXA Investment Managers we maintain a three-tiered approach to RI and impact investing.

At AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) we believe that responsible investment (RI) can not only deliver sustainable, long-term value for clients but that it can also make a positive impact on society.

How do we categorise our RI offering?

We segment our RI offering into three sections; ESG embedded, ESG integrated and sustainable investing. Below we outline what this means and how this is implemented across at AXA IM.

ESG embedded

All of our funds (excluding index and fund of hedge funds) apply AXA IM RI sectorial exclusion policies (controversial weapons, climate risks, palm oil and soft commodities) and benefit from active engagement and proxy voting.1 In addition, the ESG score and carbon footprint are displayed on the factsheet of the vast majority of AXA IM funds.

ESG integrated

Our ESG analysis is integrated across all our investment platforms which allows our investment teams to take into account ESG risks and opportunities when making investment decisions that are tailored to clients’ objectives. ESG integrated mutual funds also apply our ESG standards policy, with additional exclusions on tobacco, defense, UNGC breaches and poor ESG quality. Additional ESG KPIs are displayed in the reporting of these funds2.

Sustainable investing

This includes assets within an eligible universe based on ESG criteria and / or with an ESG objective, as well as impact and green investing assets. Impact investing goes beyond ESG risk monitoring and focuses on financing businesses and projects that are designed to have intentional, positive and measurable impacts on society while simultaneously delivering financial market returns.

Source: AXA IM as at 30.06.2019. Non audited figures.
1 AXA IM Joint Ventures have a specific approach with regards to ESG scoring and stewardship
2 Available upon request

Our approach

  • Avoid

    Avoid exposures that conflict with your principles & values

  • Identify

    Identify ESG risks & opportunities

  • Invest

    Invest by incorporating ESG analysis

  • Impact

    Impact with outcome-oriented investments

  • Influence

    Influence through in-depth research and engagement

ESG integration: a firm wide approach

ESG integration at AXA Investment Managers is developed using input from teams across the business and ensuring that ESG at part of our DNA.

The illustration below demonstrates the holistic approach to ESG at AXA Investment Managers.

Entrepreneurial responsibility and RI are part of the AXA IM DNA. Our employees can further their education in ESG topics; our management takes ESG very seriously.

  Corporate Culture

Corporate responsibility and RI are part of AXA IM’s DNA, ESG training is available for employees and our management board have a strong commitment to ESG.


Voting is overseen by a corporate governance committee which is attended by representatives from the RI and investment teams. Our voting policy reflects our convictions as a responsible investor, in particular with regards to climate change and gender diversity.

  Company and Thematic Engagement

Engagement provides us with the opportunity to act as key influencers
towards creating better and more responsible corporate behaviours and disclosure, using our ongoing dialogue with company management teams as an active engagement tool.

  Frameworks, Solutions and Tool

Governance has been developed to ensure a successful and consistent approach to ESG integration across AXA IM. This approach leverages common tools and solutions, such as ESG scoring methodologies and reporting for instance.

* Quelle: AXA IM, Stand 30. Juni 2018.


  Investment Decision

Investment professionals have access to the ESG scores of issuers as well as KPI’s in their front office and analytical reporting tools.

  Thematic ESG Research

Our RI team analyses the thematic research on topics such as climate change, human capital and diversity. This research helps inform engagement activities as well as investment decisions.

  Proprietary ESG Scoring

We have developed proprietary ESG scoring methodologies for several asset classes. As an example, over 7,200 companies in 100 countries are scored through our corporate ESG scoring framework*.

  Analysis and Reporting

Transparency is a central dimension of our ESG integration strategy. More detailed ESG reports available for our ESG integrated and responsible investing (RI) funds. These reports contain additional ESG KPI’s, as well as other relevant information such as voting or engagement reporting.


How does ESG impact our investment teams?

Leveraging our two decades of responsible investing experience, we are integrating ESG analysis into all our investment platforms, providing fund managers with access to proprietary ESG scores and key performance indicators (KPIs) in their front office tools, as well as additional data and research.

The central responsible investing (RI) team focuses on thematic research, corporate governance and shareholder engagement as well as on developing quantitative solutions. Headed by Matt Christensen, the team is comprised of 14 experienced professionals, including 10 RI analysts, with an average of 13 years’ experience*.

Across our platforms we have dedicated RI resources working directly with fund managers who continue to be fully empowered and accountable for their process and results.

*AXA IM as at 30/06/18

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